Our team is capable of finding the right solution for every need, providing support for institutions, small and medium-sized businesses, or even large-scale distributors.

TeamBit offers a wide range of services and customized products that can be adjusted to the client’s needs.

Qualified professionals, innovative and traditional figures who work together to achieve the same goal of excellence. We will use all our expertise to create and implement data-processing systems, innovative contents and Blockchain technology.


Fundamental are skills such as ingenuity, creativity, inventiveness and propensity for innovation, which are combined with a remarkable professionalism and a profound sense of ethics.

Developer 90%

Cyber Security Advisor 88%

Ethical Hacking 95%

Robotic Process Automation 85%

we do


Business strategies that aim to diversify the products or services offered by a company to allow them to enter new markets.


Blockchain technology is a technological innovation with multiple applications, because it allows the sharing of data and resources.

Business Software

There are numerous company software or management software that automate and streamline the management processes within companies.

Innovation app

Design and implementation of innovative app for the improvement of production processes and company work.

Criptovalute and Blockchain
Training Services

Teambit provides training courses for companies and students about Blockchain technology and cryptovalutes.

Transparent and Efficient
Companies Management

Protocols and applications to streamline and optimize company production processes and make interaction with the user transparent.

Storage Systems and
Secure Identification

Hardware devices, media and software for storing information in electronic format.

Bot and Robot
Development for
Human Interaction

Implementation of programs based on Artificial Intelligence designed to interact with human beings.

DAO and DAC Systems
and Governance Solutions

Interfaces, Methods of access to information, IT security and business governance systems.

IoT and Automation

Application of the Internet to the world of objects and automatic control systems to manage machines and processes.

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