We are on the eve of the great revolution triggered by the frenetic and fast technological changes taking place.
And it is important to be ready.

Our Mission

La società TeamBit, fondata nel 2018, nasce con lo scopo primario di guidare imprese, aziende, enti e consumatori attraverso questo cambio di paradigma che rivoluzionerà le catene produttive, le strategie aziendali e l’organizzazione quotidiana del lavoro. Avvalendosi dell’esperienza consolidata di esperti nei settori dell’innovazione tecnologica, TeamBit è in grado di realizzare e fornire soluzioni informatiche, basate su tecnologie innovative come robotizzazione e blockchain.


Our goal is improving people’s life through new technologies.
The company TeamBit, founded in 2018, was founded with the primary purpose of leading companies, companies, institutions and consumers through this change of paradigm that will revolutionize the production chains, business strategies and the daily organization of work. Taking advantage of the consolidated experience of experts in the fields of technological innovation, TeamBit is able to realize and provide IT solutions, based on innovative technologies such as robotization and blockchain.

Le nostre

In a constantly evolving system like the one we live in, innovation is the only safe way to go in order to conquer a large pool of customers and consumers. We know that today those who are leaders in their area of expertise can not think of remaining such if they do not invest to renew themselves, being destined to lose their market shares, as evidenced by the recent history of large leading companies in their sector.


IoT and automation, development bot and robot


Corporate software, innovation app, diversification


Blockchain, cryptovalute training


Business governance systems and secure Identification, interfaces, methods of access to information, DAO and DAC Systems.

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